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/ kwin / noun

1. Deriv The Algonquin: A fresh take on a historic club founded in 1886 as a home to the change-makers of Boston.

2. Quinn (Gaelic): Celtic surname meaning wisdom and intelligence. Derived from the Gaelic word, Conn, meaning counsel and reason.

3. A private social club with intelligent programming and the wisdom to bring together the right mix of people, entertainment, gastronomy, hospitality, and design to watch the magic unfold.

4. Fun, approachable, interesting, top-notch place to be.


A diverse social club that brings together interesting and interested leaders, creators, and innovators, to forge meaningful connections, expand lives, create a community of impact and, while we're at it, have some fun.


We Bostonians are fortunate to live in an extraordinary community. Our city is home to the world's most distinguished institutions of higher learning, prestigious hospitals, and cutting-edge medical research. We're a center of tech innovation, entrepreneurial development, and philanthropy. The nation's leading legal, investment and finance firms all have offices here. Visitors from all over the world flock to our museums and galleries. Last but definitely not least, our sports teams are world champions with some of the greatest of all time. It takes extraordinary individuals with varied experiences, knowledge, beliefs and capabilities to form this great community. Our desire to connect amazing people at The ‘Quin House is based on the belief that a simple introduction can lead to new bonds, new ideas and priceless new memories.

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